Impact Sourcing
A Commitment to Gender Diversity

Employment: The Most Impactful Way of Changing People's Lives Forever

Impact Sourcing is a business practice that promotes the recruitment of people who otherwise would have limited prospects of employment: immigrants and refugees, people with disabilities, individuals without a secondary degree, people living below the poverty line, single parents, war veterans, etc.

Impact Workers hired in 2020
Net jobs created

Some of Our Impact Sourcing Results in 2020

  • A Way Out of Poverty
    More than 19,000 individuals living below the national poverty line received a job offer in Portugal and the US.
  • Refugees Find a Safe Home at TP
    More than 2,000 immigrants and refugees received a job offer in Colombia.
  • Empowering People With Disabilities
    Almost 6,000 people with disabilities were recruited worldwide.
  • A Chance for People Lacking Formal Education
    More than 40,000 workers who have not finished secondary school found a job at Teleperformance India, Philippines, Russia, and Tunisia.
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