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Global Leader in Personal Communications Devices Attracts and Retains More Talented Agents

Initially hesitant to consider a work-at-home model, this client determined that their concerns were unfounded. In reality, they experienced agent performance and attendance improvements while keeping customer data safe and secure.

Talent acquisition surveys confirm that technical hiring continues to be one of the leading challenges for recruiters. In fact, the last decade of economic prosperity, digital expansion, and low unemployment rates have made hiring technical professionals particularly difficult.

Recruitment has required sorting through a large pool of candidates to identify the few with the right skills for the job and completing the hiring process faster than the competition. For this large global leader in personal devices, it was crucial to increase the volume of new applicants and develop flexible resourcing models to attract skilled workers, but in an agile way.

Recognizing the impact of experience on talent acquisition, employee engagement, and productivity, the company also took a more comprehensive view of how to influence them.

  • A New Way to Manage and Optimize Remote Teams Was Introduced
    Teleperformance originally deployed a traditional work-at-home program for this client in 2016. It has continued to innovate along the way, expanding the program’s reach and scope with the highly efficient Teleperformance Cloud Campus model. Because results have been so strong, they have now closed all brick-and-mortar operations.
  • Centralized Command Centers Streamlined Operations
    A centralized virtual command center, Cloud Campus Hubs keep remote workers connected and engaged while optimizing resources and best practices. With supervisors, trainers, and support teams unified, it’s easy to activate, engage, and develop remote teams to meet changing demands and seasonal spikes.
  • Eliminating Geographic Boundaries Delivered More Talented Agents
    Removing geographic barriers expanded the talent pool immediately, extending opportunities to technical experts in other countries or regions. Remote work also offers an attractive, more balanced working environment when recruiting against other employers.
  • B.E.S.T. Project Management
    Our B.E.S.T. Project Management adherence and collaborative working model gave visibility to all stakeholders. Our approach was focused on agility and alignment with global and local stakeholders.
  • T.O.P.S. Operational Approach
    Our performance management process, a daily step-by-step method based on the best practices of programs worldwide, allowed us to quickly adjust and improve operational performance.
  • Privacy and Confidentiality
    Our solution ensures that the client’s data remain secure within remote environments through protocols such as Secure Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Software, Multi-Factor Authentication, Device Lockdown, and No Data Stored Locally.

From moments to journeys, Teleperformance’s innovative and prescriptive remote work solutions shifted the paradigm for this client’s strategy, raising the bar for both customer and employee experiences.

This robust and effective model:

Increased employee satisfaction
Decreased absenteeism
Increased NPS to an all-time high

The Teleperformance Cloud Campus was specifically designed to provide a remote, socially enriched working environment. Join us in the CX of the future.

Learn more

The Teleperformance Cloud Campus was specifically designed to provide a remote, socially enriched working environment. Join us in the CX of the future.

Learn more
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